Making Life Safer

We can supply appliances and crews for all Airshows,Helicopter Pleasure flights,Corporate Helicopter landings, Film and TV aerial camera platform work in accordance with CAA CAP 168/699.

We can also train your staff to CAA cat 2 H2 RFFS as per CAP 699


We can also supply Firefighting foam certified to ICAO performance level B or non certified foam for training purposes.



Business Continuity Plan & Fire Risk Assesments


Medical Cover




Other Services




.We can supply fire cover for any event from a single extinguisher to fully crewed appliances


We can also train your staff and event volunteers in the use of your fire fighting equipment as per your event requirements.


We can carry out Fire Risk Assesment for compliance of the Regulartory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


We can also carry out and prepare "Business Continuity" plans using PAS 79 and FPA qualified inspectors:


:please note, due to operational commitments, we may not be able to undertake these services in the Surrey and Greater London areas - please contact us for further details::


Film & TV






With over 40 years experience in the film and tv industry, LA Fire are able to provide a wide range of services. 


Our staff have worked both in front of and behind cameras on many productions (see a short list on our clients page)

Our Health and Safety advisors and Technical advisors, are on hand to ensure the safety of your crew, cast and supporting artists as well as ensuring the authenticity of your production.


We can supply Fire Appliances for inshot or behind the scenes. We work closely with production Health & Safety advisors and Special Effects supervisors to ensure maximum safety at all times.


LA Fire uses serving Fire & Rescue personnel.  We can provide fire service advisors in order to make your production as realistic as possible. Our staff use the latest techniques and equipment. We have a variety of uniforms available. 


Traning Servicesining Services



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